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Who We Are

TrafficGenius synchronizes traffic in an unsynchronized world! TrafficGenius takes a holistic approach to optimize traffic patterns using powerful analytics and big data sourcing. Cities and municipalities of all sizes can utilize this comprehensive tool to manipulate traffic signal timing schedules and generate real-time solutions to react to traffic congestion and unexpected incidents. TrafficGenius uses a multi-tiered approach to include historical traffic signal patterns, crowdsourcing traffic data, and live HD-video traffic pattern recognition. By efficiently managing traffic patterns TrafficGenius provides energy-efficiencies and cost-savings solutions to both drivers and cities nationwide.

What We Do

TrafficGenius aims to minimize traffic congestion in areas where drivers pass through multiple traffic signals to travel from one location to another. TrafficGenius utilizes a unique algorithm relying on artificial intelligence to streamline traffic patterns, thereby allowing continuing refinements to the algorithm as the TrafficGenius tool is implemented in subsequent towns and cities.

The algorithm is in development to use publicly available data, to build a foundation from which arterial traffic patterns can be improved. These data sources must be expertly combined, computed, and transformed to realize the full potential of the TrafficGenius Suite. To set this tool apart from similar traffic optimization tools, this algorithm utilizes reinforcement learning, a branch of artificial intelligence within the machine learning arena. As the TrafficGenius tool is applied around the nation, the artificial intelligence will create additional enhancements to the algorithm to produce high-level results.



Scott Murdoch

TrafficGenius is the brainchild of Scott Murdoch, data scientist director and specialist in enterprise-class big data analytics. With a Ph.D. in economics and extensive background in artificial intelligence, Scott blends both skillsets to effectively research, develop, and manage all aspects of TrafficGenius.


Frederick Schwartz

  • 40 years experience in transportation engineering
  • BSCE Purdue, MBA University of Miami
  • Professional career in firm management and leadership
  • Principal in Rush Street Consulting
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